7 Tips on how to Tweet!

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1. Participate in Real-Time Events

Like mentioned above, participating in mainstream events in real-time will help bolster the effectiveness of your Tweets, bringing your brand into relevant conversations and helping to improve your reach across Twitter. This could entail attending an event like a sports game or an awards show, watching a TV premiere, or another form of a live event.

Use Twitter during these events to add real time commentary that brings value and your expertise to the conversations around the experience. Use the event’s hashtag to ensure all of your tweets are further associated with what’s happening at the event. Reach out to other commentators and players related to the event and active on Twitter to spur interesting conversations that further engage users to retweet and interact with your commentary.

2. Add Stunning Visuals When Possible

Visuals resonate far better than any other type of media shared on Twitter and across social media in general. When it comes to Twitter, tweets with image links tend to have ENGAGEMENT RATES 2X HIGHER than tweets without image links. Images are easy to add to your tweets through the Twitter website, mobile apps, and many other social media scheduling tools available to manage your tweets.

3. Incorporate Vines

Video as a form of marketing is an effective method of connecting with an audience because your messaging can be spoken and seen dynamically, as opposed to just being read in text or viewed in an image. Begin using Twitter’s new video service Vine, to add even more value to the tweets you’re sharing with your followers.

Vine is a unique video platform that only allows for uploads of real-time videos clips, no longer than six seconds. These clips continue to loop after they are played until a user clicks on them to stop or decides to move along further in their feed. Create videos to incorporate in your tweets that educate, excite, and expand upon the topics you’re regularly tweeting.

4. Tweets with Links & Hashtags Receive More Engagement

When tweeting with your audience it is important to vary the topics and the types of content you are tweeting. When tweeting about a variety of subjects make sure to always relate back to your voice, industry, expertise, and the overall subject areas you cover. One way of drawing more engagement with TWITTER AS A BRAND is by including links and hashtags.

5. Occasionally Ask Followers to Retweet

An often-underutilized technique for gaining more traction with your tweets is simply asking your followers to retweet your content. This approach to the way you tweet should be balanced with other types of tweets because once you start asking your audience to share your tweets too often, then this tip quickly loses its effectiveness and could hurt your credibility on Twitter.

6. Shorter Tweets Are More Engaging

Twitter already limits your tweets to 140 characters, but it is highly recommended that some of your tweets also be shorter than that. Analysis shows that TWEETS THAT CONTAIN LESS THAN 100 CHARACTERS RECEIVE 17% HIGHER ENGAGEMENT than longer form tweets.

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